Sedation Dentistry

Here at Smiling Kidds in Jacksonville, FL, our children’s dental care team is excited to provide your child with the best dental experience possible. As we tend to each child’s unique needs and provide expert smile care services, it’s not uncommon that we encounter children who are nervous about visiting the dentist; that is completely

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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Heather Gabler Dr. Heather Gabler was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. This is where she spent most of her childhood before moving to Milwaukee, WI to attend college. Her undergraduate studies consisted of a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences from Marquette University. Upon graduating, she turned her focus toward the dental field –

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Emergency Dentistry

The first rule to remember when your child is experiencing a dental emergency is to not panic; this step is simple but can be especially difficult during this stressful time. Anxieties or additional stress from a parent can escalate the situation and result in unnecessary worry or frantic action. Instead, stay calm and depend on

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Special Needs Dentistry

Our dental care providers specialize in providing routine preventive care to all children under the age of 18, including children with special needs. It’s important for children to visit a dental care professional, beginning with the eruption of their first tooth. A child’s teeth and gums are important not only to their appearance, but they

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Your child’s bite is an important part of their dental and overall health. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive orthodontic evaluations and early intervention by age seven when the primary (baby) teeth are still present. A proper evaluation can determine if a child can benefit from orthodontic treatment and help to prevent

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Children’s Dentistry

If you are looking for a children’s dentist in the Jacksonville area, call our office today for an appointment! You’ll be glad you chose us as your child’s dental home. Cleanings & Exams Our team can provide a cleaning and examination for your child, which can help to thoroughly remove plaque, tartar, and food debris

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New Patient Forms

Thank you for choosing our practice as your dental care provider; we can assure you that you’ve made an excellent decision! Before your first visit, please email or give us a call if you haven’t received your forms. If you have any questions while filling out this information, don’t hesitate to call our office! We

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