Special Needs Dentistry

Our dental care providers specialize in providing routine preventive care to all children under the age of 18, including children with special needs. It’s important for children to visit a dental care professional, beginning with the eruption of their first tooth. A child’s teeth and gums are important not only to their appearance, but they are also essential to their well-being throughout their lifespan due to their adverse effects on their overall health. 

To learn more about our process for caring for children with special needs in Jacksonville, FL, please read below or call our office for any questions you may have! We are looking forward to serving you and your child in the future!

Why Choose Smiling Kidds for Children with Special Needs?

Our dental care providers specialize in offering quality care to children and are uniquely qualified to provide specialized attention to a variety of young patients, including those with special needs. When providing dental care to children, we take the time to understand their unique needs and the particular approach needed for proper care and comfort. Additionally, we also have access to a wide variety of dental equipment and technology that can be helpful to provide quality dental care for children with special needs.

A few of the ways our team members make dental care less stressful for children include:

  • Providing a child with age-appropriate information about how they will be cared for in the dental office
  • Being gentle and reassuring during all procedures
  • Encouraging parents to stay with their child during dental treatment whenever possible.  
  • Offering nitrous oxide to help relax a child during dental treatment
  • Taking time to answer any questions that a child or parent may have about dental care

Special Needs we are Qualified to Treat

Some of the special needs that our dentists are experienced in treating include:

  • Children who have difficulty sitting still for a long time
  • Children who are more sensitive to dental pain
  • Children who have trouble tolerating the feeling of having their teeth brushed
  • Children with feeding tubes and other medical issues that require some special precautions in a dental office

How Parents Can Help

Parents can help their child prepare for a visit to our office by doing the following:

  • Prepare your child for what to expect at their dental visit by explaining the process in an age-appropriate way
  • Encourage your child to ask questions about dental care and answer any questions that they may have
  • Help your child practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, before their dental visit

Your Child’s Dedicated Smile Support Team

A dentist that specializes in working with children is the best option for providing quality dental care for kids with special needs. By understanding the unique needs of each child, our team members are able to provide dental care that is both comfortable and effective. Parents can help their child prepare for a visit to our office by doing some simple preparation ahead of time. 

Additionally, we aid parents and patients with education and feedback during every appointment to ensure they have the support needed to continue excellent smile care at home. With the right preparation and care, children with special needs can have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

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