Emergency Dentistry

The first rule to remember when your child is experiencing a dental emergency is to not panic; this step is simple but can be especially difficult during this stressful time. Anxieties or additional stress from a parent can escalate the situation and result in unnecessary worry or frantic action. Instead, stay calm and depend on our team for help; we have the resources, time, and expertise to address dental emergencies swiftly, leading to the best possible outcome. 

Below, you will find a list of tips and suggestions regarding a variety of dental emergencies. These can occur at any time, so while we want you to be prepared, we also want you to have peace of mind knowing we are here to help. Call our Jacksonville, FL office if you have any questions or need to visit for emergency service.

Bitten Lip or Tongue

To reduce or avoid swelling, clean the area with water and apply a cold compress (a moist washcloth or towel pressed firmly against the bite). Call our emergency pediatric dentist to determine the severity of the injury.

Broken, Chipped, or Fractured Tooth

After your child’s mouth is rinsed with warm water, apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. Contact our emergency pediatric dentist immediately.

Broken Jaw

If your child has a broken jaw, it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible. Use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Call our emergency number and go to the hospital immediately. 

The most common cause of a broken jaw is a collision or blow to the head. These types of injuries can also lead to traumatic brain damage which can even be life-threatening.

Object Caught Between Teeth

You should never remove a stuck object with a metal, plastic, or sharp tool. Instead, gently remove the object with dental floss or instruct your child to swish their mouth with warm water. If they are unable to remove the item, give us a call.

Knocked-Out Tooth

  • Permanent Tooth – If your child has lost a permanent tooth, you should find the tooth and rinse it with water, taking care not to touch the tooth root. Whenever possible, try to place the tooth back in its socket and instruct your child to bite a clean towel or cloth to hold it in place. In the event that you cannot put the tooth back into its socket, you should place it in a clean container with milk. For either situation, call our pediatric emergency dentist immediately and go to the hospital. In most cases, you can save the tooth by following this instruction. 
  • Primary Tooth – Unlike permanent teeth, primary teeth are not usually placed back in. When your child’s primary tooth has been knocked out, we suggest you schedule a visit to our office so we can ensure there are no pieces of the tooth that might still be left in the socket.


After your child has rinsed their mouth with warm water, check their teeth carefully to see if there is anything stuck between them. Should the pain persist, apply a cold compress to ease the discomfort. It is recommended that you not apply heat or any other form of topical pain reliever directly to the affected area, as this may worsen the problem or damage your gums. 

Oral pain relievers can be given to children and we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us.

Avoiding Injury to Your Child’s Teeth

Taking preventative measures can help your child avoid a pediatric dental emergency.

  • Childproof your home to prevent falls. 
  • Make sure extension cords and electrical cords are out of reach of children. 
  • Avoid giving your child ice, popcorn kernels, or other hard foods to chew. 
  • Young children should always be in car seats and older children should wear seatbelts. 
  • Make sure your child wears a mouthguard when playing contact sports. 
  • Last but not least, prevent toothaches with regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits.


There may be some discomfort or soreness after getting braces or having braces adjusted, but this is normal. The use of wax and/or ibuprofen can help relieve discomfort and soreness. For pain that persists for more than a few days, contact our office.

Trust Our Team During Your Child’s Time of Need

Whenever your child is experiencing a dental emergency, count on us to provide the care and treatment they need to feel better. We understand that a dental emergency can be a frightening experience for both parents and children, which is why we work hard to provide compassionate care in a comfortable and reassuring environment.

If you have any questions about our emergency dental care services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you might have. Thank you for choosing our practice for your child’s dental care needs.

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