Sedation Dentistry

Here at Smiling Kidds in Jacksonville, FL, our children’s dental care team is excited to provide your child with the best dental experience possible. As we tend to each child’s unique needs and provide expert smile care services, it’s not uncommon that we encounter children who are nervous about visiting the dentist; that is completely normal.

Dental anxiety is a relatively common condition among patients of all age groups – even adults! Your child may experience this feeling due to a variety of factors, such as being in an unfamiliar setting, being surrounded by people they do not know, and overall experiencing a fear of the unknown. All of these experiences may, understandably, contribute to a heightened sense of discomfort. 

As mentioned before, dental anxiety is a common occurrence, but we do everything in our power to help your child overcome it. This includes the following:

  • Providing the child with support and encouragement from our team members.
  • Taking the time to answer questions and explain to the child what we are doing.
  • Looking for ways to engage in the child’s unique personality, likes, and dislikes.
  • Building a bond with the child and fostering positive relationships with dentistry.

Smiling Kidds Dentistry offers several safe and effective options for children needing some extra TLC to have their dental treatment completed. With the assistance of these treatment methods, over time, they will build their confidence as they see there is truly nothing to fear.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative that is administered through a small mask that is placed over your child’s nose. As they inhale the gas, they will quickly start to feel relaxed, calm, and at ease, enabling our dentists to easily and rapidly tend to their needs. Under nitrous oxide sedation, your child will remain alert, awake, and capable of following instructions; this allows our team to interact with them throughout the visit. Once the appointment is complete, the mask is simply removed, and your child may return to normal behaviors and activities within minutes. 

General Anesthesia In The Hospital

For children with special needs, complex medical histories, or extensive dental treatment needs, the safest and most comfortable environment for treatment is in a hospital setting, or ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Smiling Kidds Dentistry specialists provide comprehensive dental care for these children at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. At the hospital, our patient’s sedation is delivered and monitored by a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist. The Smiling Kidds pediatric dental specialists treat patients in the hospital several days per month.

General Anesthesia In The Surgery Center

Later in 2022, Smiling Kidds Dentistry will offer sedation dentistry to our patients at Lakeside Dental Surgery Center. This ASC will be completely dedicated to the treatment of pediatric dentistry, with an abundance of surgical days available per month to the Smiling Kidds dental team. It’s our sincere hope to deliver the safest care, in the timeliest manner to our patients needing this service. Just like in the hospital, the anesthesia services will be provided by board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists, and the dental care provided by your Smiling Kidds team!   

Building A Bright Dental Future

Our team prioritizes the health, happiness, and overall well-being of every child. By giving them a safe space in which to go when dental problems arise, it increases the likelihood that they will visit the dentist as needed throughout their lives – for preventative care and as needed treatments. 

As we strive to build a solid foundation for their dental health to grow, we encourage parents to prepare children for the dentist visit by telling them what to expect and answering any questions they have with excitement and positive energy. Of course, we also request that you let us know if you would like to incorporate sedation into their next appointment. Call today to schedule!

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